XL Labs Strapped 30srv

XL Labs Strapped 30srv

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Introducing the newest and hardest hitting pre-workout to hit the market, hold onto your gym gear and get ready to be strapped to one hell of a workout with Strapped by XL Labs. This is the product you have been waiting for if you are looking to hit next level performance in the gym. Featuring a healthy dosage of 325mg caffeine per serving, this pre-workout is guaranteed to get your energy levels way up so you can be ready for a big session regardless of the condition. Strapped also contains a mix of mental focus formula including Alpha GCP and Huperzia A, both quality focus ingredients helping with getting you feeling good (mild euphoria) and stimulating the mind muscle connection to really squeeze out superb contractions during workouts. Strapped also features 1000mg of L-citrulline to significantly decrease fatigue and muscle soreness while increasing nitric oxide, flow, and arginine in the blood. All in all, this is a great blend of ingredients guaranteed to have you feeling good and performing at your best.


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