Transcend Supplements Test X 120cap

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Test X boosts your testosterone levels but that should be pretty obvious from the name of this particular sports supplement. While some are more effective than others, Test X is designed to increase your body’s ability to make more testosterone than normal. It isn’t designed to REPLACE your natural testosterone – simply magnify your ability to make more of this vital hormone.

Increased Strength

Testosterone makes you stronger. There are numerous mechanisms that are responsible for this from increased cross sectional size of muscle fibers giving more advantageous leverage to increased aggression in the gym. If you are stronger, you can lift heavier weights which results in increased muscle mass so you can lift more weight and get stronger… and on it goes. Test X simply allows your body to produce more of the good stuff naturally.

Increased Muscle Mass

If you want to build muscle, you need to optimize your testosterone levels and if your T-levels are optimal, you should find gaining muscle much easier. This increase in muscle mass goes hand in hand with an increase in strength. Providing you continue to train hard and eat properly, the muscle gained while using Test X should be retained.






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