TLM Research Relentless 30srv

TLM Research Relentless 30srv

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Relentless is a 4:1:1 branch chain amino acid. This is a premium intra workout performance supplement that fits in with any lifestyle and any type of exercise.

Relentless helps to increase endurance which aids in longer quality workouts and helps reduce the onset of fatigue.  Try relentless.. and become relentless with your workouts.*

 Nitrosigine is the capper to Relentless. The proven nitric oxide boosting properties of Nitrosigine are seen as desirable for physique, power and endurance athletes looking to improve performance. Nitrosigine will enhance nutrient delivery by expanding the blood vessels and veins, to help oxidize the blood allowing amino acids to be transported to the muscle as fast as possible. It also has a positive impact on cardiovascular, renal, and metabolic dysfunction.

L-leucine is the amino acid has been shown to directly stimulate protein synthesis in muscle and has been shown to slow the degradation of muscle tissue. 

 30-35% of your amino acid nitrogen in your bloodstream is Glutamine because it is the most used and essential to bodily function. Supplemental doses have been proven to improve: muscle growth, metabolism, athletic performance, and recovery from endurance activities.





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