TLM Research Pump Brew 25srv

TLM Research Pump Brew 25srv

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PLEASE NOTE: This product will clump due to hygroscopic ingredients.

Pump Brew is a nitric oxide product carefully formulated to do one job, give you the most painful, skin-splitting pumps you have ever experienced. 

Hydromax Glycerol Powder: This bad boy absorbs water and increases the concentration of fluid in your blood and tissues. It has been shown to increase blood-flow during resistance training for both endurance athletes and bodybuilders alike.

Vaso 6 : “Studies show Vaso6 leads to a 50% vasodilation increase at a 300mg dose.” This compound increases nitric oxide production directly resulting in vasodilation (better pumps). What happens when more nutrients are delivered to your cells? They increase in ATP production (increase cellular energy), which allows oxygen to saturate your muscle.  A pump and power you've never felt before!





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