Scitec Nutrition G-Bomb 2.0 22srv

Scitec Nutrition G-Bomb 2.0 22srv

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G-Bomb 2.0 is the ultimate multi-component Glutamine matrix supplement – it’s the Glutamine-Bomb!

The most abundant amino acid in the body is L-Glutamine, and it can often be in high demand in the bloodstream, particularly in bodies of high performing athletes. During and after particularly intensive physical training sessions, the body needs to replenish its reserves of these essential amino acids which can be reduced by up to 50%. Glutamine can be found in your diet, but also in food supplements like G-Bomb 2.0

With 8 active ingredients and multiple glutamines, you won’t find a better supplement than G-Bomb 2.0. The advantage of using this formula in addition to your diet is that the complex blend of glutamines will allow for quicker replenishing of your glutamine levels, speeding up recovery and preventing muscle fatigue.

In addition to this, the unique G-Bomb 2.0 formula also contributes to normal blood function, supports the normal function of the immune system, promotes normal amino acid synthesis and homocysteine metabolism. On top of that, it’s also sugar-free!

When mixed with 400ml of water, it can be used 30 minutes before or after training as well as throughout the day instead of water.



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