MRM 100% All Natural Veggie Elite 2.5lb

MRM 100% All Natural Veggie Elite 2.5lb

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MRM Veggie Elite is the only plant-based protein formula designed to specifically target - and meet - the nutritional needs of the serious athlete, and is the first plant-based protein to rival whey.* Each serving of Veggie Elite contains 24 grams of complete protein and Digest-All™ VP to aid more rapid digestion and assimilation.* 

Veggie Elite is formulated to break down faster, because carbohydrate content has been minimized.* Fewer carbohydrates mean less gut fermentation and fewer undesirable symptoms (gas, bloating) associated with digestion of high-fiber whole plant foods.* 

MRM Veggie Elite is ideal for anyone - from athletes performing at all levels, to those who follow a strict plant-sourced regimen, or those who are lactose intolerant, or unable to tolerate egg, milk, or soy. Now active people can enjoy the same sound benefits of whey or egg protein in two delicious, easy mixing vegan formulas.*

MRM Veggie Elite levels the athletic playing field and offers a true plant-based alternative to whey. Adjusted grams of protein per serving using the True Digestibility Scale of individual proteins creates clean, plant-based formula suitable for all athletic performance levels. The addition of proprietary Digest-All™ VP supplies enzymes (proteases and carbohydrases) to further assist in protein digestion and assimilation. 

The pea and brown rice powders selected for Veggie Elite contain a minimum of 80 percent protein content by weight, offering higher digestibility, absorption and retention than whole food combinations.* Pea protein is a rich source of specific amino acids that offer great benefits to athletes.* Lysine plays a significant role in growth and bone development, and arginine and glutamic acid both support intense physical exertion.*



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